Dan Abrams And Nancy Grace Discuss ‘Imaginary Friends’ Introduced In The Casey Anthony Trial

This morning on Good Morning America, Mediaite founder and ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams once again teamed up with Nancy Grace to provide a deeper analysis of the ongoing trial against Casey Anthony. Today they focused their attention on the 911 calls played during the trial.

…and on imaginary friends.

Grace shared that, in her own experience as a lawyer, she’s always felt that jurors relate to 911 calls, regardless of the nature of a case. Abrams, meanwhile, believes that the tapes add credibility to Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, who wept in court as the calls played. The problem for Cindy, then, is that, as her credibility rises in the eyes jurors, her daughter is ultimately seen as less credible.

He was surprised that the defense was so hard on Cindy on a witness stand, because they’ve so far been trying to paint her husband, George, as the “villain” in this case, not Cindy herself.

And then there’s the matter of the myriad imaginary friends mentioned by the defense… including one named “Juliette Lewis.” Needless to say, this case is interesting. And increasingly so.

Abrams believes that, as Casey’s credibility diminishes in the eyes of jurors, the defense may do well to put her on the stand… despite the fact that Grace disagrees quite vehemently.

Watch the segment, via ABC:

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