Dan Abrams: Bill Taylor Testimony Can’t Be Looked at In a Vacuum, Consistent With All Other Evidence


ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams said that Bill Taylor’s testimony gives a new level of gravity to the accusations President Donald Trump faces from the Ukraine scandal.

Abrams joined George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday to talk about Taylor’s opening statement to Congress, in which, Taylor said U.S. military aid to Ukraine was contingent on the Ukrainian government publicly announcing an investigation of Joe Biden’s family and the 2016 election. Abrams agreed that Taylor’s testimony was “the most significant incident yet in this impeachment inquiry,” and said “you can’t view it in a vacuum.”

“The administration would like you to say, well, you can’t believe this guy, this guy’s an outlier,” Abrams said. “The problem is that his testimony is entirely consistent with both the transcript of the phone call that’s come out and the text messages amongst the diplomats.”

Abrams and Stephanopoulos also agreed that Taylor’s words line up with Mick Mulvaney’s admission last week of a quid pro quo (even though the White House chief of staff is trying to retreat from his statements). “You have to take it together,” Abrams went on as he explained how the evidence of the Ukraine scandal is coming together.

“We used to talk about the whistleblower being a roadmap,” Stephanopoulos said. “This testimony is also a roadmap leading to new testimony from other witnesses and other documents.”

“With dates and times and notes to back it up,” Abrams responded. “Taylor isn’t just winging it here. He literally has notes, contemporaneous notes from all of this, to back up what he’s saying, and so he’s going through methodically in his opening statement. He created a roadmap. He laid out day by day here’s what happened.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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