Dan Abrams Breaks Down SCOTUS Affordable Care Act Decision On The View

The internet and cable news have been buzzing all morning with the news that the Supreme Court has upheld nearly every provision in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, with the exception of the individual mandate (which has been reframed as a tax) and some narrowing of the act’s requirements for individual states’ Medicaid funding. ABC legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams appeared on The View this morning to help the panel sort through everything.

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He was careful to emphasize that this may not be the end of the fight, as Republicans in Congress may try to repeal the legislation, and argued that there has been “plenty of hypocrisy from both sides on the issue.” He also pointed out that while the majority of the public says that they don’t support the legislation in polls, when each provision is outlined (like insurance companies not denying people on the basis of pre-existing conditions, children remaining on their parents’ health plans until age 26, or free mammograms to citizens on Medicare) they tend to look upon it much more favorably. He also weighed in on the political implications of the decisions, calling it “a win for Obama, no question about it.”

And naturally, before the segment ended the yin to Abrams’ yang had to be brought up — “Now, wasn’t this easier than Nancy Grace?” Whoopi asked.

You can see the segment here via ABC:

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