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Dan Abrams Calls Out Kavanaugh For Cherry Picking When to Tout American Bar Association


ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite publisher Dan Abrams  explained that supporters of Brett Kavanaugh believing his accuser Christine Blasey Ford isn’t going to be enough to stop his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“How do they go forward when we hear the phrase, ‘I believe her, but…’ What does that mean?” Abrams asked today while on Good Morning America. “What it means really is you’re saying that the burden is on the people who don’t want to support his nomination, meaning you’re saying they have to prove it, because if you’re saying I kind of believe both of them which way do I go it sounds like the direction it’s going in now, that’s not enough to stop his nomination.”

According to NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, a majority of Republicans say that if Ford was sexually assaulted as a teenager by Kavanaugh — i.e., even if they believe her claims — he should still be confirmed anyway.

Abrams also noted the significance of the American Bar Association calling for an FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh allegations.

“That’s important. I’m a big fan of the ABA, right, and I think that the problem is the ABA gets cited selectively,” the analyst said. “You have Judge Kavanaugh saying, ‘The gold standard, the ABA, says that I’m well qualified.’ But now the ABA is saying, ‘Hang on a second, hang on, let’s have an FBI investigation.'”

“I don’t know I don’t think you can just say I’m going to listen to the ABA when I like them, not listen to the ABA when I don’t like them,” Abrams concluded. “I’m for let’s listen to the ABA period, they’re saying this, that means something to me.”

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