ABC’s Dan Abrams and Chris Cuomo Tell The View Hosts Why Its Ok To Handcuff A 6 Yr Old.

ABC legal expert Chris Cuomo, and legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams were on The View this morning to discuss the lastest legal issues fascinating the nation, from George Zimmerman’s upcoming criminal trial to a six year old girl who was restrained in handcuffs at school by the police. First they gave their thoughts on the likelihood of Zimmerman getting out on bail (wishful thinking), and his judge’s possible recusal, given that her husband has a tenuous connection to Zimmerman’s attorney and occasionally does legal analysis of high profile cases for CNN (possible, just to be on the safe side).

In fact, Cuomo and Abrams were in agreement on pretty much all the cases they chatted about — Cuomo even defended the police officers who had handcuffed the young student for being overly cautious, because “they don’t want to hear Abrams and Cuomo beat them up on television.” Adding to the general sense of camaraderie and Wonder Twins vibe were Cuomo and Abrams’ complementary jacket and white shirt sans tie outfit choices. Looking sharp, gentlemen! You can see this morning’s appearance below, via ABC:

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