Dan Abrams Discusses The Media’s Portrayal Of Elena Kagan On Morning Joe

NBC Senior Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams visited Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and company on Morning Joe to discuss the Washington Post‘s decision to publish a photo of a young Elena Kagan playing softball. While some gay rights groups are up in arms about the potential promotion of a stereotype, Abrams didn’t “make anything of the fact” and argued that a picture of Kagan playing sports could actually be positive for her image.

MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan took the side of gay rights groups that saw the photo as insulting, claiming that, as it had little to do with Kagan’s qualifications to be on the Supreme Court, it was possible there was an intent to promote an image of her that could potentially impact her positions on policies such as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. While Abrams agreed that there could be a link between her sexuality and her opinion on issues of sexual orientation, he concluded that it simply wasn’t compelling enough, and that there was a positive asset to the picture of Kagan playing softball, portraying her as “an everyday American [who] plays softball just like everyone else.” “If they’re trying to harm her,” he concluded, “showing a picture of her playing softball doesn’t do it.”

Video below:

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