Dan Abrams Grabs Donnie Wahlberg’s Butt On Live With Kelly, Instantly Becomes Envy Of Twitter

Here are two names we never thought we’d see together: Mediaite founder / ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams and Blue Bloods star / New Kids on the Block member / burger impresario Donnie Wahlberg. But, thanks to the magic of morning television, these two were brought together in a truly special manner.

While co-hosting Live with Kelly Friday morning, Abrams asked Wahlberg why it is that he doesn’t watch himself on his show, Blue Bloods. Wahlberg shared that he gets a much better idea of how he did by reading fan reactions on Twitter, where, sometimes, his butt becomes the topic of conversation. Like, obviously.

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Curious as to what sort of butt it takes to capture the imagination of Twitter fans, Abrams very politely asked if he could touch Wahlberg’s backside. The actor obliged.

Abrams’ verdict on Wahlbeg’s “mallow” (as, we’ve learned, his fans refer to it)? “It’s special.”

And that, gentle readers, is the story of how Dan Abrams, our boss, became the envy of Twitter. To wit:

Do have a look, via ABC:

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