comScore Dan Abrams: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Trump Claim That Comey Told Him He Wasn’t Under Investigation

Dan Abrams: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Trump Claim That Comey Told Him He Wasn’t Under Investigation

On Good Morning America, Friday Robin Roberts had ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams pick apart President Donald Trump’s claim that former FBI director James Comey told the president three times that he was not the target of an investigation.

Abrams first noted that “federal prosecutors do tell people, their lawyers as well, ‘you’re not the target of the investigation’. That does happen, all the time.”

Yet Abrams was incredulous that Comey would tell Trump he was not the subject of an ongoing investigation looking at his own election campaign, noting that the subject of an active investigation can change.

“We now know that the FBI is investigating possible Russian interference in the election and the possible role of the Trump campaign,” said Abrams.

“The notion that James Comey would have told Donald Trump ‘you’re not under investigation’ is not just implausible — and I’ve known Comey for over two decades in a professional context — I don’t believe it.”

“I just don’t believe that it happened,” he continued. “He wouldn’t do it. He’s too careful to say ‘you’re not under investigation’ in connection with something that they are investigating more broadly.”

“Could this hurt the president or his associates in the investigation?” Roberts asked.

Abrams noted that while it’s “never helpful to have FBI agents angry at you,” that is not going to determine the outcome of the investigation.

“But it is certainly not helpful to lose the rank and file the way it certainly sounds like the administration has,” he added.

Watch above, via ABC.

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