Dan Abrams: I’m Not Sure Letting O’Reilly Go Ends Fox News’ PR Problem


Mediaite founder Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America, today where he explained that even if Fox News lets Bill O’Reilly go, it won’t bring an end to their public relations nightmare.

Fox has been under significant pressure lately due to news that O’Reilly and the network paid out approximately $13 million to several employees who were suing the Fox host for sexual harassment. Not only has Fox seen advertisers flee due to the controversy, but new reports are now suggesting that Fox might be about to sever ties with O’Reilly.

Abrams told George Stephanopoulos that he initially expected O’Reilly to ride out the scandal, but added that, between new allegations and an early obituary from Matt Drudge, it’s more difficult to say whether the Fox host will survive.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer representing O’Reilly’s accusers, was also on the panel, and she discussed how Fox News will keep seeing accusers come forward until the network establishes security and equality for their working women. When Abrams was asked how much Fox had to do to resolve their legal and PR troubles, he had this to say:

“This is a major PR issue for them, and there’s a real question as to even if Bill O’Reilly is let go, I don’t know that, that ends the PR practical issues for Fox. You have many of the same leaders at Fox who were there under Roger Ailes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa has additional potential clients that are going to come forward.”

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