Dan Abrams Signs Up For Chasing Justice Second Season (Or So We Hear)


Investigation Discovery announced today they’ve signed Dan Abrams for a second season of his newsmagazine Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams.

Abrams, of course, is known far and wide as the chief legal analyst at NBC News and MSNBC, and as founder of Mediaite. And as TV Editor at Mediaite, imagine the feeling finding out about this TV-related tidbit–on a website called TVNewser.

The (somewhat gushing) release goes like this:

CHASING JUSTICE WITH DAN ABRAMS provides a captivating look at cases that have impacted families, friends and entire communities. Through interviews with suspects, attorneys, detectives, reporters and relatives of the victims, viewers get an intimate look into the criminal justice system, and the psyches of some of the cold-hearted felons who are now behind bars. CHASING JUSTICE pulls from the most intriguing stories featured on the popular NBC series Dateline, and each 30-minute episode explores the events of the crime, the investigation, the trial, and ultimately, the verdict.

Sounds great. In fact, it’s great to hear the show’s coming back for a second season. That’s the kind of thing we like to report on here on the TV desk, which, it should be pointed out is conveniently located just steps away from the office of Dan Abrams, who made several passes by the desk (in at least one case he may have been taking swedish fish from a co-worker’s desk) without ever mentioning news of the second season of Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams.

It’s totally cool. We get it. Just because, you know, we’re sitting right here and all, we can’t expect to have stories just handed to us.

According to the news release–which we practically had to beg for, it might be worth mentioning–Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams will return for its second season on Investigation Discovery in March 2011. And again, congrats. No hard feelings about reading about this wonderful news online. Busy guy. Has a lot going on. Who has time to walk over here and mention it, right?

Oh, and that photo of Dan Abrams, host of Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams? Had to grab that off another website. So there.

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