Dan Abrams On Baby Lisa: ‘This Is Your Child…You Have To Help (Authorities) Every Way You Can’

On Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning America, ABC legal correspondant and Mediaite Founder Dan Abrams discussed the clash between the family and the police in the Baby Lisa case. Abrams reported that Baby Lisa’s parents will only answer questions from authorities under unusually strict guidelines e.g. if they’re asked fairly and by people who haven’t determined guilt. He noted that this was bringing a real tension into the case as police were treating them as potential suspects. “This is their child who’s missing, and people are going to hear that and say ‘I don’t care what your lawyer is telling you, you have to help them every way that you can.'” Abrams assessed.

GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos said the police were insisting that interviewing the parents separately was the key to the case. “Anytime you get in a battle in a case like this with the authorities, the parents of a missing child, they’re going to lose in a court of public opinion,” Abrams observed. “Are there issues that the defense really needs to protect them on here? And that’s the real tension.”

Watch Abrams analysis on the Baby Lisa case below via ABC:

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