Dan Abrams on Possibility of Mueller Firing: ‘If You’re Not Shocked’ Then ‘You Don’t Understand the System’


ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America Friday to emphasize the gravity of reports that President Donald Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The New York Times first reported that in June 2017, Trump ordered the firing of Mueller — who is leading the investigation into his campaign’s Russia ties – but relented on the order after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign.

“Remember, obstruction of justice relates to intent,” Abrams told George Stephanopoulos of the story. “You don’t have to succeed in obstruction of justice to be charged with obstruction of justice.”

The GMA host noted that Trump dismissed the reports as “fake news” from Davos, Switzerland, and asked Abrams what would happen if he gave that answer in an interview with Mueller’s investigators.

“Well, then he could be charged with perjury. Again, I said from the beginning, I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Abrams replied. “I don’t think he’s going to sit down with Mueller and answer all his questions.”

Abrams went on to emphasize how big of a deal Mueller’s firing would actually be:

“We need to remember how big a deal this would be,” he said. “Yes, it’s no surprise. I was on this show predicting that this was going to happen.”

“It would be shocking if this were to happen,” he continued. “If you’re not shocked by this possibility, it means you don’t understand the system. There’s a reason that the president can’t even fire Mueller himself. It has to go through the Attorney General’s office. The reason for that is because the special counsel is supposed to be independent and not reporting to the president.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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