Dan Abrams: President Can Get Immediate Answers on Wiretapping, ‘Obama Admin. FBI Guy is the Trump Admin. FBI Guy’

On Good Morning America, Monday, George Stephanopoulos and his panel tackled accusations by President Donald Trump that his predecessor, Barack Obama, secretly wiretapped his campaign headquarters in Trump Tower.

Mediaite founder, and ABC News Chief Legal Analyst, Dan Abrams immediately struck a skeptical tone about the most recent controversy from the White House.

“He could go ask the FBI Director,” said Abrams, echoing disbelief that the Leader of the Free World would choose to get his information from Breitbart instead of his own intelligence agencies. “He can also declassify information if he so chooses. If he wants to prove this, he very well may be able to do it.”

Abrams also noted that while administrations had changed, Obama FBI Director James Comey is still currently serving. Comey has denied that the tap took place.

“The Obama administration FBI guy is the Trump administration FBI guy right now,” said Abrams. “It’s the same guy who did the Hillary Clinton investigation.”

Numerous media reports over the weekend indicated Trump’s growing frustration with the state of news coverage.

“It certainly appears from all of our reporting, the president [is] kind of a boiling rage,” said Stephanopoulos.

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