Dan Abrams: Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Trump Is ‘The One He Should Be Worried About’


ABC News Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams appeared on This Week Sunday to comment on President Donald Trump’s ongoing legal battles with women he allegedly had affairs with — and said one lawsuit in particular should concern the president.

Abrams started by arguing that Stormy Daniels, who is suing Trump to nullify a nondisclosure agreement she signed to keep quiet about an alleged affair, is “more at risk than the president” from a legal perspective.

Daniels, who will speak out about her affair on a highly anticipated episode of 60 Minutes airing tonight, could face damages by violating the NDA — while the president faces political fallout from the embarrassment of her dishing on the affair.

Karen McDougal, meanwhile, may have an even weaker legal case, Abrams said. McDougal is suing AMI, which owns the National Enquirer, to be freed from a 2016 agreement to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. While her case isn’t the strongest, she likely won’t face legal jeopardy for speaking out in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Abrams added.

ABC News’s Martha Raddatz then asked about Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who is suing the president for defamation because he called her a liar after she claimed he groped her in 2007.

“This is the one he should be worried about,” Abrams said. “By the court saying this case can now move forward, you’re opening up the door to discovery.”

“Meaning there are a whole lot of other issues that can now potentially come in,” Abrams continued, “everything from possible tax returns to other women.”

“Remember, she basically says that he kissed her and groped her — but that’s not what the case is about. It’s about defamation. It’s about him saying it’s not true. When he was making those comments he was talking about a bunch of other women as well, and so those other women could become relevant in the context of this case.”

“And that’s why for him I think this case becomes much more perilous than anything else we’re talking about.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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