Dan Abrams To Piers Morgan: Casey Anthony Jury ‘Simply Didn’t Trust’ Prosecution Witnesses

With juror Jennifer Ford now having spoken, the media attempting to explain the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial now have some perceptions from the group with which to work. On today’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Mediaite founder Dan Abrams concluded that, from what we now know, it appears the jury may “actually think that an accident may have been the cause of death,” which he told host Piers Morgan was, at the least, a “surprising” result given the nature of the theory.

For the average viewer that may be outraged by the result, Abrams explained, the disparity between public opinion and the jury’s opinion may lie “between objective truth and legal truth… these jurors do seem to have taken away something very different than what the public did.” While Abrams noted that he could not explain why the accident theory seems to have caught on, he noted that one possibility was the relationship between the jury and the prosecution witnesses. “The jury watched a witness like George Anthony and simply didn’t trust them,” he noted, which may have added to the jury giving “the defense’s theories more credence [than the public].”

Morgan also found another element of the verdict particularly telling: in today’s sentencing, the judge gave Anthony the maximum penalty for every crime she was convicted of, which Morgan argued that, in the UK, would be a clear indication that the judge disagreed with the verdict. Abrams agreed that it was “a very stiff sentence for this crime” that may indicated “there was more at play here” for the judge, as lying to the authorities was a terrible crime, but rarely would the person committing it be given a maximum sentence.

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