Dan Abrams: Trump’s ‘Got to be Very Concerned’ Over Cohen Cooperation With NY State Investigators


ABC News chief legal anchor and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams says Donald Trump ought to be quite concerned about Michael Cohen‘s cooperation with Robert Mueller if corrupt intent can be proven against his campaign or business empire.

Reports indicate that Cohen has taken hours worth of questions from Mueller’s team as part their investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia and possible obstruction of justice. This comes after Cohen pled guilty to campaign finance crimes while implicating Trump as being personally involved in his hush money schemes.

Cohen is also apparently cooperating with state officials investigating the Trump family charity and Abrams told George Stephanopoulos, that he viewed that as a critical development. New York State filed a civil lawsuit against Trump’s charity for several “potentially criminal” allegations and Abrams said Cohen could be vital in terms of state investigations into the president on the criminal side.

When the conversation turned to pardons, Abrams also said Cohen should shed some light on whether Trump obstructed justice by promising clemency to anyone who doesn’t tell the truth or cooperate.

“President Trump should know now with his closest associates all involved here if he didn’t do anything wrong, he should be in good shape now,” Abrams said. “But if he did do something wrong, he’s got to be very concerned.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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