Dan Abrams: White House May Classify Conversations to Keep Omarosa From Releasing Them


Of all the shocking details revealed by Omarosa Manigault this weekend, the most unbelievable is that she flouted national security rules in secretly recording Chief of Staff John Kelly’s firing of her in the highly secure Situation Room. But wait, there’s more!

Omarosa is claiming to have recorded many White House conversations, the contents of which may or may not be politically damaging to the White House. But now The White House is apparently considering taking legal action. ABC Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams predicted that could involve retroactively classifying many or all conversations with her, regardless of the subject matter.

The Mediaite founder opened his segment with anchor David Muir by asserting that it may have been wrong and a violation of rules for the former Apprentice contestant turned Senior Advisor to the President to have made these recordings, there was nothing that he saw that was explicitly illegal. But with the prospect of the future release of potentially damaging tapings looming, Abrams suggested a clever ploy that the White House has at their avail:

“They can try now to classify conversations that happened with Omarosa so that if she does release future conversations then they can go after her. They can say that’s classified information and as a result that’s a violation of the law,” Abrams claimed, adding, ” Whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do it’s a separate conversation. That’s the best I can think of in terms of what they have.”

Watch the clip  above courtesy of ABC.



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