Dan Abrams: Why is Everyone in Trump’s World ‘Distancing Themselves From Russia?

ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams says that the big news about Michael Cohen means that the big question still remains why President Trump and the people closest to him are acting so suspiciously when it comes to Russia.

Abrams was on Good Morning America on Friday to review Cohen’s plea deal with Robert Mueller, which puts a new focus on Trump’s business negotiations with Moscow. While he said Cohen’s guilty plea isn’t the “smoking gun” to prove the Trump-Russia collusion theory, Abrams also mentioned that the news invites a lot of questions about whether the president “didn’t want to be seen as talking to Russia” amid their controversial activities in 2016.

George Stephanopoulos eventually noted that many of the Russia-related controversies surrounding Trump and those in his orbit started with a lie uncovered by Mueller. Abrams agreed and said the special counsel’s task is to piece these lies together and figure out the deeper truth behind them all.

“Why is everyone seemingly distancing themselves from either conversations they had, meetings, et cetera, with Russians? What was going on? That’s the question – the big picture question – Mueller has to answer.”

Abrams concluded by remarking that it must be “unnerving” for Trump to know that one of his closest confidants has turned against him.

Watch above, via ABC.

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