Dan Abrams: ‘You Can Treat Your Dog Like A Child And Your Child Like A Dog’

Millionaire heiress Gail Posner made her dog Conchita one of the world’s wealthiest canines when she passed away, leaving millions to her beloved pet. Her son, Bret Carr— who inherited less than Conchita– is asking for more money. Here’s the problem: according to NBC Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams: when it comes to your will, “you can treat your dog like a child and your child like a dog.”

Abrams, who visited the set of  Today this morning to analyze Carr’s chances of getting his mother’s will reevaluated, noted that wills are difficult things to change, and that he would have to somehow prova that Posner was “out of mind” when her will was reassessed in 2008. He is arguing that Posner was “drugged and brainwashed” when she had her will changed, and while Abrams notes that he’s not sure if there will be a “significant change” to the will, the fact that “the family member is getting so little and the help is getting so much and the dog is getting so much” raises some eyebrows and will probably make the courts look much more carefully at the events leading up to the final change in the will.

Video from this morning’s Today show below:

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