Dan Bongino Mocked For Wild Claim Mueller Is Investigating Trump to Protect Obama, Clinton: ‘Truly Crazy’


Dan Bongino — the former Secret Service agent turned pundit and expert on the the criminality of the Russia investigation — declared on Fox News that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is really a “smokescreen,” manufactured to protect none other than Hillary Clinton.

Bongino, a frequent Fox News guest, made the claim while appearing on Mark Levin’s Sunday night show, Life, Liberty & Levin.

“Mueller’s sole purpose right now is to run a smoke screen while investigating Donald Trump, to protect Hillary and Obama and their empires,” Bongino declared.

Bongino then embarked on a wild theory about the FBI raid on Michael Cohen — which would require a dimly-lit basement and a large cork board to truly keep track of — that implicated The Atlantic Council, Ukrainian gas company Burisma, Joe Biden’s son, John Kerry’s stepson’s friend, CrowdStrike and The Clinton Foundation.

The frenzied bit of punditry earned mockery from a number of commentators on Twitter who struggled to make sense of Bongino’s declarations:

Bongino responded to one of his detractors, informing the critic that he “can’t debate morons.”

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