Dan Bongino Railroads Lawyer in Mueller Indictment Debate: ‘Are You Just Making This Up?’

If Dan Bongino is gunning to become Fox News’ newest opinion host, tonight’s tag-team with Sean Hannity might make it onto the highlight reel.

Bongino and lawyer Daryl Parks appeared on Hannity’s Monday show, and the Fox opinion host started off by asking the civil rights attorney if he’s bothered by Russian involvement in the United States. Parks said he was bothered by “indictment issues” and interference in elections, though that wasn’t the answer Hannity was looking for, seeing as he cut off Parks multiple times while rapidly firing off loaded questions about Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS.

After refusing to allow Park to make his points, Hannity gave Bongino free rein to smack the Clintons and bash the “hypocrisy” surrounding the “fairy tale” of Trump-Russia collusion. As Hannity poured over the Clintons and the Obama-era Uranium One deal, Parks tried to bring up Robert Mueller‘s findings on Trump and Russia, which earned him another shush from Hannity and a demand for proof of collusion.

“The 37 pages of the indictments tells all the story we need to hear right now,” Parks answered.

From there, Bongino bombarded Parks with questions about whether Robert Mueller has accused Trump of collusion, and Bongino also demanded that he address a Russian-controlled Facebook group mentioned in the indictment, which was called “Support Hillary. Save American Muslims.”

Parks tried to note that Russia favored Trump in the 2016 election, but he could barely get a word in since Bongino kept railroading him.

“Did you read the indictment or are you just making this up?” Bongino exclaimed. “That’s in the indictment which you didn’t read and you say you did. Nice work though.”

Parks insisted that the full indictment provides fuller context into Russia’s pro-Trump angle, which prompted Bongino to exclaim “are we in Bizarro-Superman land? I’m telling you it’s in the indictment!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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