Dan Crenshaw Hyperventilates About Media Coverage of Christians: ‘This Is a Crisis’


Rep. Dan Crenshaw believes that the media has an extreme anti-Christian bias and that it has reached crisis levels. The examples he cites of his alleged bias, however, fall short of the mark of supporting his point.

The recently sworn-in Republican from Texas,  Crenshaw found a sympathetic audience during a Thursday appearance on Fox & Friends, a show known for its consistent virtue signaling of Christian values. Crenshaw was asked to explain a recent tweet about how many recent “media blunders” are rooted in an “anti-Christian” bias:

Crenshaw expounded on this idea, saying that “aside from Fox News, March for Life doesn’t get a whole lot of coverage, even though there are hundreds of thousands of people coming out in a positive, optimistic way.”

The March for Life is an annual event that draws hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers. This year’s speech received some coverage, but mostly because of the involvement of Vice President Mike Pence and a pre-recorded message from President Donald Trump that aired. That represents what was unique about this year’s event, and what was newsworthy.

Crenshaw then claimed that the Covington Catholic controversy with Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips was also rooted in his alleged anti-Christian bias, before claiming that the story has been “thoroughly debunked.” While a clearer picture of the story has been revealed since the first viral videos were covered (and yes, presented in a manner that unfairly did not tell the whole story) it is not exactly accurate to say that the story has been completely debunked. Also, the Christian faith of the boys involved played very little into the media’s coverage, apart from identifying the school that they attended.

Finally, Crenshaw falsely claimed on Fox News that “Karen Pence had been attacked for teaching at a Christian school.” It is true that the media reported that the Vice President’s wife was hired to teach at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. The news coverage, however, was not focused on the fact that the school is Christian, but rather it bans gay and transgender students and teachers. Some might even find that fact in and of itself to be anti-Christian.

Crenshaw finished by saying “this is an ongoing crisis,” adding “This is not right. We should be speaking out against it.”

Like every religion, there is a wide range of views that are included in the Christianity rubric. To suggest that the media consistently presents an anti-Christian bias by citing examples that are demonstrably misleading is remarkably irresponsible for Crenshaw, and for his Fox & Friends hosts to let go unchecked.

But this segment will accomplish one thing: furthering the victim complex of Fox & Friends viewers and sowing further division in these hyperpartisan times.

But to you who are listening, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,  bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.  If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also.” – Luke 6:27-29.

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