Dan Rather To Obama: ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ With A Major Jobs Program

With bad economic news surrounding President Obama, Chris Matthews warns that if unemployment stays above 9% Obama will not be able to get re-elected. Dan Rather joined Matthews’ Sunday show panel, agreed that unemployment is the biggest concern for Obama and gave the President advice that should be listened to right away.

Rather’s proposal to Obama:

“Go back to what Harry Truman did, take on Congress . . . for [Obama] it’s go big or go home. If he’s got fight in him, this is the time he has to do it. Face the Congress down, say listen we’re going to have a major jobs program.”

Another important lesson for Obama, according to Rather, is that debt reduction is not as important as job creation. With many of Obama’s supporters fearing that his leadership qualities have disappeared, might one last demonstration of strength with a huge program be the right strategy for re-energizing his base?

Watch the clip from The Chris Matthews Show:

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