Dana Bash on Special Counsel Investigation: ‘Walls are Closing In’ on White House


CNN’s Dana Bash spoke on Friday about how President Trump‘s administration seems to be feeling the pressure from the latest developments they face from the ongoing Russia investigations.

Bash spoke with Alisyn Camerota today about the news that Robert Mueller is looking into the Trump Organization’s business dealings as part of the special counsel’s expanded investigation into Russian election interference. The ladies also addressed the new reports about how Trump’s team is exploring ways to undercut Mueller, even as the president is supposedly seeking advice about his power to grant pardons.

Bash looked at indications that the White House is reshuffling their legal teams, which she took as a sign that the Trump Administration is looking for more help with their defense. Bash also agreed with Molly Ball that the “walls are closing in” for the White House since the Mueller investigations and Donald Trump Jr.’s scandal will place them under more pressure than ever before.

“I think also that the president gave us some tells in that remarkable New York Times interview, which I also think, you know, now that it’s Friday looking back on the week is not only going to define this week, but is going to be a defining moment of his presidency…never mind throwing his Attorney General under the bus, giving us some tells about where he thinks this investigation might be going…”

Bash argued that the investigations will continue to eclipse the Trump Administration, which makes their messaging job even more difficult when they were already dealing the setbacks on health care reform this week.

Watch above, via CNN.

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