Dana Bash: President Trump Will Take Credit For Jobs Numbers ‘Whether He Deserves It or Not’

Despite news that the United States added 211,000 jobs in April and unemployment dipped to 4.4%, CNN correspondent Dana Bash wasted no time giving credit to — former President Barack Obama.

During an appearance on New Day to discuss the number, Bash sought to position herself in front of President Trump, who is almost certainly expected to take credit for the new numbers.

“That is a wow number. The fact that it is — that the unemployment is the lowest it is the lowest that it has been since before the recession in 2008 in May 2007, That is a really big deal,” said Bash. “There’s no question that president Trump is going to try and take credit for it, whether he deserves it or not, whether or not it was President Obama that was saying as he was walking out the door, ‘hey guys it’s getting better, it’s getting better, really trust me.’ It doesn’t matter.

It was a great show of deference to an ex-commander-in-chief now out of office for more than three months. Obviously, if the economy went south in April, we’re certain she would also have credited Obama for that as well.

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