Dana Loesch Calls Out ‘Race Baiters’ Inciting Division in Hometown of St. Louis: ‘It Breaks My Heart’


Dana Loesch got pretty heated on Friday night over the ongoing protests that are taking place in her hometown of St. Louis.

Protestors are marching over the acquittal of white former cop who shot and killed a black drug suspect.

Loesch went into detail with Brian Kilmeade about the case at the center of the protest.

“The prosecutors had to prove, Brian, without a reasonable doubt, that he did not act in self-defense because he claimed that he did,” Loesch said. “This all began when he and his partner came upon what they said was a drug exchange. This individual, Anthony Lamar Smith, he is a prohibitive possessor. He has a long record for being a drug dealer, heroin… and he also had an illegally possessed handgun.”

She also pointed out how Smith tried to mow down the officer with his car before a high-speed car chase ensued.

“That’s assault with a deadly weapon!” Loesch exclaimed.

The radio talk show host and NRA spokeswoman said the tragedy of Smith’s death could have been avoided if he didn’t “attempt to mow down police officers.”

Loesch then pivoted to the “bussed-in” protestors from out of town for these protests and asked if they think there’s “something wrong with the system, why don’t the vote?”

“Why was voter turnout so bad in St. Louis?” she asked. “Half the people aren’t even aware of the judges running, like the judge who made the decision in this case because it wasn’t jury trial. It was this judge’s decision. Nobody was even aware you could vote for or against these individuals. So don’t claim there’s something wrong with the system when your lack of a vote shapes that system.”

When asked what the White House response should be with these racially-sensitive instances, Loesch said the president has no need to weigh in.

“This isn’t a White House issue,” Loesch elaborated. “This isn’t a federal government issue. This is an issue of a community that needs to come together and talk with their law enforcement agencies.

Then she took aim at who she thought was responsible for the tensions in St. Louis:

“You know what the problem is in St. Louis? The problem isn’t racial disparity; the problem is a political party that has ran this city into a hole in the ground. The problem is the opportunity that is swindled from St. Louis residents by these Democrat Party leaders, by race baiters, by these hustlers who are bussed in from out of town. And look a what they do from my city, our city, my hometown. I’m proud to be from St. Louis. It breaks my heart to see this happen. It infuriates me. It needs to stop. They’ve got to come together and talk.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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