Dana Loesch: Trump ‘Proved He Had a Bigger Nuclear Button’ Than ‘Opportunist’ Bannon


Conservative commentator Dana Loesch joined Fox & Friends today, and gave her reaction to the feud bubbling up between President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Loesch said that Bannon’s remarks in Michael Wolff‘s upcoming book didn’t really surprise her because “That’s who Steve Bannon is.”

“He is an opportunist,” said Loesch. “This is an individual who likes to take credit for other people’s success. He glommed on to Sarah Palin in the early days of her campaign. He glommed onto Andrew Breitbart. He glommed onto Ted Cruz and did the same thing with President Trump. He catches people as they are ascending, or after they have already ascended, and then tries to claim credit for all of their accomplishments.”

Despite some questioning the credibility of Wolff’s reporting, Loesch noted that Bannon at least trusted the writer enough to grant him White House accessibility and then went blabbing after taking issue with the president’s team. Loesch also said that by making it all about himself, Bannon just “robbed” Trump of the chance to talk about how great the GOP’s tax reforms will be for the country as Republicans head towards the 2018 midterms.

“Steve Bannon is all about Steve Bannon and will always only ever be about Steve Bannon,” Loesch said. When asked whether the Trump/Bannon feud could split the GOP’s base, Loesch said Trump has done to Bannon what he did to Kim Jong Un just a few days ago.

“Steve Bannon’s contribution is taking over a website that was created by a better guy and running it into the ground and making it a platform for the alt right,” she said. “President Trump proved he had a bigger nuclear button against Steve Bannon. You never go to war with a guy who will push back hard on you and that’s what we saw yesterday.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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