Dana Perino and Kilmeade Mock CNN Over Stormy Daniels Coverage: ‘Why Did I Go to Journalism School?’


Fox News hosts Dana Perino and Brian Kilmeade are not impressed with cable news rival CNN’s coverage of the Stormy Daniels scandal, as the two joked that journalists reporting on the pornstar’s alleged affair are asking themselves “why” they even went to “journalism school.”

Daniels, who received $130,000 in a “hush agreement” from Donald Trump’s lawyer to stay quiet about her alleged affair with the now-president, returned to the news cycle this week by announcing her plan to tell all about her relationship with the president. The appeal of another White House sex scandal has many other networks and outlets covering the story extensively, but not Fox News.

In response to CNN reporters attending Daniels’ shows at adult clubs, Kilmeade said the following:

“‘Cause you are on this channel, you’re not watching enough about Stormy Daniels, and she is back in the news. She evidently taped an interview already with Anderson Cooper… She just wants to talk about their relationship and cash in. This allows CNN reporters to follow her to X-rated dance clubs, at night, to try to get the exclusive story. Which must be odd — to wait for a woman to come out of a club that costs a lot of money to get some sound bites, which she does off-camera.”

Perino then laughed in agreement, saying, “Might make you think, ‘Why did I go to journalism school again?'”

Kilmeade went on to paint the coverage as irrelevant, since “people knew what Donald Trump was doing before [he was president].”

However, the ex-George W. Bush White House spokeswoman justified some of the coverage of Daniels, saying that if the payment was made just prior to the election then it is arguably “relevant.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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