Dana Perino: Trump Campaign ‘Got Their Money’s Worth’ Because CNN Didn’t Air Their Ad


The hosts of The Five weighed in on CNN’s decision not to air the Trump campaign’s ad that targets their employees and others in the media as “enemies.”

Greg Gutfeld kicked things off by saying if Fox News was asked to air an ad that poked fun of their employees that they would also choose not to air it.

“But I think that probably they might do the same thing if it was an ad that called us names and our faces were on it,” he added.

Dana Perino said that the Trump campaign “got their money’s worth.”

“They don’t care if this ad really runs on CNN,” she elaborated. “They care that we do a story on it and that we’re gonna talk about it more. So basically, whatever they invested in this ad, they’ve got five times more out of it.”

Jesse Watters thought that CNN “needed the money” and was “shocked” that they didn’t take it.

“It’s a good ad,” Watters said. “It framed the Trump presidency perfectly where he’s saying ‘I’m fighting against the establishment, I’m fighting against the mainstream media, I’m fighting against entrenched interests.'”

Juan Williams thought Trump is trying to “pump things up” because of his poor poll numbers and questioned whether the strategy of reassuring your base by saying “I hate CNN” works, which invoked a response from Gutfeld.

“You’re matching the assumptions of an audience who believes they can’t trust a certain group of people,” he reacted. “They turn on the TV and they are being told that they are idiots. And CNN and other networks do make people feel like the decisions that they’ve made are bad. And I think that’s what that ad was saying. ‘We’re with you, were not with them.'”

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