Dana Perino Zings Colleagues For Pivoting to Hillary: ‘Back to the Clinton Scandals, Here on Fox News!’


If you watch Fox News’ The Five — or any other Fox News opinion programs — you’re probably aware by now that they tend to spend a lot of time covering former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and all of her purported scandals. At one point during today’s broadcast, co-host Dana Perino seemed to poke fun at her colleagues for finding a way to shoehorn Clinton into an unrelated discussion.

With the panel initially talking about speculation that ex-Attorney General Eric Holder may run for president in 2020, Jesse Watters said that the Democratic Party knows they are in trouble and are “trotting out the high caliber Democrats.” He then shifted his attention to the Russia probe and found a way to bring up the former Secretary of State.

“We’ll probably have 18 Democrats running against President Trump and there is no obstruction case,” he exclaimed. “I don’t see it. You have to have a crime to obstruct. You have to show criminal intent. Getting rid of the Comey is not obstruction. Hillary bleached her emails. How is that not obstruction?”

Kimberly Guilfoyle joined in on the fun, stating that Clinton “kept the server in her toilet — in her bathroom.”

“Back to the Clinton scandals, here on Fox News!” Perino snarked, causing the table to laugh while Guilfoyle stated “part 28!”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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