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Dancing Robot Ali Velshi Is CNN’s Greatest Technological Innovation Since The Magic Wall

Oh, you Fox News and MSNBC fans are missing out. Ratings are great, but during the last couple of days, CNN has taught us to dance! First we got Charlie Rangel teaching Soledad O’Brien the secrets of the “30 second dance,” and now, today, we get this wonderful clip of Ali Velshi both popping and locking. Yeah, call us up when the friends at Fox & Friends show off moves this fly!

While learning about a new prototype robot that NASA has, the team at CNN Newsroom watched a demo clip showing how quick the robot could move by demonstrating its dancing ability. Then something got to Velshi. Perhaps it was the funky beat playing. Perhaps he didn’t like some robot stealing the spotlight on his show. Perhaps there’s just something up with the drinking water over in Atlanta. Whatever the case, Velshi was soon breaking like there’s no tomorrow.

Of course, not everyone was entertained. Rick Sanchez felt the need to run on set to explain to the audience that they had just seen “one of the ugliest moves we have ever seen on national television.” Oh, you’re just jealous, Rick.

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