Daniel Hernandez, Intern Who Helped Save Gabrielle Giffords, Visits Today Show

Daniel Hernandez, the intern (of only five days) who helped save Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords‘ life after she and several others were shot in front of an Arizona Safeway during a meet-and-greet, appeared on The Today Show to talk to Matt Lauer about the rescue.

Hernandez, who ran towards the bullets as soon as he heard shots, checked several of the shooting victims for breath and pulse before seeing that Giffords had been hit. He tells Lauer that he “prioritized” Giffords because of the apparent severity of her wounds, staying by her side – even holding her upright in his lap – until help came. Hernandez then remained with Giffords in the helicopter ambulance, holding her hand until she arrived at the hospital for treatment.

How did Hernandez know what to do? It helps, he explains, that while in high school, he went through “basic” medical training towards becoming a certified nurses’ assistant.

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