Danny Trejo Explains Heroic Rescue of a Baby in Hilarious, Heartwarming Interview With Shepard Smith


Actor Danny Trejo appeared on Shepard Smith Reporting Thursday to tell the story of how he rescued a small child from the wreckage of a car crash Wednesday.

Trejo was nearby and rushed to the scene of a two-car collision in Los Angeles, where he and another young woman teamed up to pull the child from the car seat of the upside-down vehicle. “You know I was on my way calmly to Chubby’s automotive where I work on my cars, I’m one of them celebrities that works on my own cars I don’t buy ’em. And boom, it just happened,” said Trejo.

“I kind of just thank God I was in the right place at the right time,” said Trejo of what was going through his mind after the wreck.

“I knew immediately this kid with special needs and he started stiffening up, going into shock so I kind of started talking about superpowers and you have to use your superpowers. And so he flexed his superpowers and walked away from the wreck,” said Trejo, who worked to calm the child down while firefighters worked to pull his grandmother from the car.

The firemen first thought they would need jaws of life to pry open the vehicle, but then one fireman, “strong sucker,” lifted the vehicle and pulled the woman out. Trejo had to keep the child distracted away from the wreckage because she was bleeding badly.

Trejo said he knew how to work with special needs children, and if they are about to panic the best thing to do is distract them. “I think he was going to shock because I’ve seen people get shot and stabbed, when you go into shock you stiffen up and he started stiffening up, so I just kept talking about superpowers. Use your superpowers!”

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