Darrell Issa Goes Off on Dem Rep for Calling Obamacare Hearing ‘Kangaroo Court’

During Wednesday morning’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the Obamacare website, Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) went off on his Democratic colleague Rep. Jim Cooper for decrying the proceedings as a “partisan” “kangaroo court.”

During his allotted time, the Democratic congressman railed against his colleagues for playing a “blame game” and a “bickering game.” He offered witnesses a chance to say a few extra words during his time, suggesting that Republicans in the committee have unfairly cut off testimony to make partisan points.

Incensed by such a suggestion, Chairman Issa interrupted: “Have I cut off anyone’s answer here today?”

Cooper replied that Issa had cut off a ranking member earlier in the hearing. The Republican retorted that that Democrat had exceeded his allotted time.

“Every witness has been allowed to complete their entire answer,” Issa declared, turning to face his colleague. “‘Kangaroo courts’ is quite an accusation, and I hope the gentleman from Tennessee, when he uses the term ‘kangaroo courts,’ in the future, will think better of making an accusation.”

“This is not a partisan hearing,” Issa asserted. “I will not have it accused of being a partisan hearing.” He scolded Cooper, telling him that “we have a website that the American have seen doesn’t work.”

“This is a hearing on a broken website by a broken committee,” Cooper responded. “And the air is thick with innuendo.”

Watch below, via C-SPAN:

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