Darren Wilson Supporters Rally in Ferguson: ‘We Are All Darren Wilson’

Supporters of Darren Wilson — the white police officer who killed 18-year-old black man Michael Brown — rallied in St. Louis, MO, Saturday, with their de facto spokeswoman delivering a statement but declining to give her name.

“At the end of this statement the media will inevitably ask for my name,” the woman said. “You want my name– my name is Darren Wilson, we are Darren Wilson.” The crowd erupted with applause.

The woman, wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap and eye black, said the news media has “shown a strong bias” against Wilson and his supporters. “Many of us have received death threats against ourselves and our families,” she said. “Contrary to media suggestions we are not affiliated with any hate groups.”

She added: “We will not hide, we will no longer live in fear.”

A grand jury in Ferguson is currently deliberating whether to charge Wilson, who is in hiding, for murder.

A crowd funding campaign for Wilson has raised about $250,000.

Watch via CNN:

[Image via CNN/screen grab]

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