Dateline NBC‘s Predator-Catcher Chris Hansen Invites You Into His Home

Dateline NBC‘s Chris Hansen has seen more kitchens than most real estate brokers. But here’s one you’ve never seen him in until now–his own.

Stamford Magazine got the invite, and visited Hansen’s suburban Connecticut home where the most famous name in sexual predator journalism lives with his wife and two teenaged sons. And yep, the whole family’s ready to roll with their To Catch a Predator jokes:

So how is the domestic Chris Hansen different from the guy we see putting the scare into sleazy bad guys on television? His wife, Mary Jo, grins as she forms her answer: “Well, for one thing, no one runs out the front door when he comes home.”

Hansen, who’s got a reputation as a non-diva, (and a good sport with a great sense of humor: if you never saw Hansen’s cameo in Conan O’Brien‘s Emmy Awards open sketch a while back, you owe it to yourself to watch it) invited Stamford‘s Beth Cooney into his sunny suburban office where he’s just written a new book, and the house where the Hansens have lived for nearly twenty years.

His idea of a good time away from entertainingly questioning skeevy guys in kitchens? Hitting a local pub or taking his sons and friends out on the family boat.

Here’s the Emmy skit, from NBC:

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