David Alan Grier’s Tonight Show Impression of Ben Carson Is Better Than Ben Carson

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon‘s impression of Donald Trump is quite good, but it pales in comparison to David Alan Grier‘s take on Trump’s political competitor, Ben Carson.

The In Living Color alum joined Fallon during Wednesday night’s episode to parody the two Republican presidential candidates in a phone call sketch. The premise? Trump is watching the sleep-inducing Democratic debate on CNN, which he did, and decides to call his good ol’ buddy Dr. Carson.

What results is a version of a Carson who name-drops Adolf Hitler in his sleep and drinks NyQuil to maintain his inhuman sense of zen.

“Look, I understand being tired,” said Fallon’s Trump. “I only get four hours of sleep per night.”

“I get four hours of sleep per hour,” Grier’s Carson responded.

Between The Carmichael Show actor’s squinty-eyed, laid-back look, and his joke about Carson’s whispers being audible only to dogs (like Trump’s hairpiece), it’s a surprisingly good sketch. For The Tonight Show, that is.

Check out the clip above, via NBC.

[Image via screengrab]

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