Axelrod On CNN: Republicans May Be Trying To Tear Down The Economy On Purpose

On CNN’s State of the Union today, former Obama advisor David Axelrod expressed his frustration on Congressional inaction on many important issues related to the economy and, more specifically, the inability of Republicans to come together with the president on issues they normally agree with.

Candy Crowley highlighted a quote from White House Chief of Staff William Daley, saying in part that the Republicans and Democrats have been going at it and making it hard for President Obama to be an efficient executive, and asked Axelrod how much of the current economy could be attributed to the result of Obama’s policies. Axelrod jumped back to the common defense that the president inherited the financial crisis and is doing his best to stop that, expressing optimism for the future of American industry.

But Crowley wanted to know specifically why the Obama administration is so frustrated with Congress, and Axelrod immediately went after the Republicans for their continued intransigence and inability to cooperate with the president.

“When you have the Republican leader of the Senate say ‘Our number one goal’… in the midst of this economy….’our number one goal is to defeat the president,’ and they’re acting like it. They don’t want to cooperate. They don’t want to help. Even on measures to help the economy that they have traditionally supported before.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

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