David Axelrod: President Obama’s Jobs Bill Is ‘Not An A La Carte Menu’

“The President has a package, and the package works together,” said top Obama strategist David Axelrod ABC’s Good Morning America, insisting, as the White House adamantly has, that congress pass the America Jobs Act quickly and in whole. “We want them to act now on this package,” he said. “We are not in negotiation to break up the package. And it’s not an a la carte menu. It’s a strategy to get this country moving.”

Beginning even ahead of the bill’s launch last week, its passing has been handled with this great urgency. The administration has been been busy reiterating that there is no reason for congress not to “act now;” while the president himself has repeating “pass this bill” again and again in all his public appearance. According to Politico, Obama has showed only slight inclination towards leniency, saying Monday that if only pieces of the package get passed through: “I will sign it, but I will then say, ‘Give me the rest, and I will keep on making that argument as long as the need is there to put people back to work the get the economy moving.”

To which Sen. John Kyl has retorted bluntly, ““I thought he was Mr. Compromise. … Maybe I was wrong about that.”

Watch Axelrod and George Stephanopoulos:

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