David Axelrod Rebuts Romney On White House Connection To Leaks: ‘Bunch Of Bellicose Bloviating’

Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod appeared on CBS’ This Morning today to react to Mitt Romney‘s speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars yesterday on foreign policy. Axelrod also downplayed statements made by Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday suggesting the White House may be responsible for intelligence leaks.

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Charlie Rose asked Axelrod for his reaction to a charge from Romney during his speech yesterday that a White House connection to the intelligence leaks shows “contemptible conduct.” Axelrod dismissed it as “a bunch of bellicose bloviating from John Bolton’s pen,” before arguing that Romney’s critiques of the Obama administration and its foreign policy are “nonsense.”

Rose brought up the comments by Senator Feinstein yesterday regarding the leaks. Axelrod said that Feinstein “has no information” about where the leaks actually came from, and claimed that two authors who printed leaked information said their sources were not from within the White House.

Axelrod also denied Romney’s charge that the Obama campaign has been running a mostly negative campaign instead of having a real debate about the future of the country. Axelrod claimed that “much of our advertising has been positive,” and turned the charge of negative campaigning on Romney. He also wondered how Romney could speak before the VFW and not once mention Iraq or what he would do for veterans.

Watch the video below, courtesy of CBS:

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