David Axelrod: Romney Jeep Ad Created ‘Even Larger Gulf Of Trust’ For Voters

Obama re-election campaign senior strategist David Axelrod appeared on CNN’s Starting Point Tuesday, where host Soledad O’Brien asked him whether the campaign was able to calculate how many votes they gained after Mitt Romney‘s “Jeep” ad, which claimed that Chrysler is relocating Jeep manufacturing to China.

While Axelrod didn’t think an empirical calculation could be made, he did note that what Romney’s ad managed to accomplish was “create an even larger gulf of trust and trust is a big issue in this campaign, and particularly for these voters in Ohio for whom questions like the survival of the auto industry are very much questions about their family’s economic well being.”

He later added that polls and predictions and statistics are, at this point, all theoretical.

Watch, courtesy of CNN:

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