David Axelrod Will Shave Off His Mustache If Obama Loses Any Of These Three States…

Senior Obama adviser David Axelrod appeared on Morning Joe, where he discussed the president’s chances of winning key battleground states, as well as those states they’re confident about. Illustrating how serious he was about his assertion, Axelrod said he’d shave off his mustache if Obama lost three particular states.

Those states being Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

Axelrod spoke of the “era of super PACs,” noting that “there’s a lot of money out there, and people can take fliers on states that they don’t necessarily think they’re going to win.”

Expressing confidence in the campaign, Axelrod said no state is out of play.

“There’s no state, Joe, where I would say, gee, I don’t think we have a shot there,” he said. “Every single state I feel like we’re competitive. I don’t think Republicans would have told you they’d be fighting for Virginia, or fighting for Florida, or even North Carolina.”

As for the states where the campaign is feeling especially good, Axelrod put his money (mustache?) where his mouth is.

“I will come on Morning Joe, and I will shave off my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of those three states,” he said, referring to Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In return, Joe Scarborough jokingly agreed to grow a mustache should Obama win North Carolina or Florida.

Watch the deal go down, via MSNBC:

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