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David Brock Defends Hillary’s Transparency on Emails

Media Matters founder David Brock returned to MSNBC today––after a confrontational Morning Joe appearance yesterday––to continue defending Hillary Clinton over the ongoing controversy about her personal email use, even holding up her tweet calling on the State Department to release the emails as a great act of transparency.

Both Brock and Ed Schultz dismissed the controversy as a “right-wing plan” and “Republican propaganda.” Brock said this is just the latest example of “desperate” Republicans trying to take down Clinton ahead of 2016, and bemoaned how many Democrats are falling for it.

As for the transparency issue, most of Clinton’s critics on the issue have said it’s the absolute opposite of transparent to stick to a private email address instead of a government one that would automatically secure and hold onto all of her emails. But Brock said of Clinton’s tweet, “I don’t know in history a Cabinet officer who’s disclosed all their emails. It’s like the greatest act of transparency we’ve ever seen.”

Not everyone on MSNBC has dismissed the issue, though; Lawrence O’Donnell has emerged as one of Clinton’s biggest liberal critics over the past few days.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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