David Brock: The GOP “Exploits Gay People” And “The Fear Of Gay People”

While some people were considerably bummed about the way Congress’ lame duck session ended, it was all smiles and back patting over at Hardball. However, some interesting things happened when Chris Matthews asked guests David Brock and Richard Socarides why gay rights is still such a partisan issue. Both men are openly gay however Brock also used be a self-proclaimed “right wing hit man” (he’s now CEO of Media Matters) who had an interesting perspective and discussed how the GOP uses “the fear of gay people” to “gin up their base.”

“I was in the right wing then and I knew what they were doing then and I know what they’re doing now. It’s a phony wedge, culture war issue for the right wing. For their base. They exploit gay people and they exploit the fear of gay people to gin up their base. That’s what they do. It’s a totally cynical thing. Half of them don’t even believe it. I know, I was in the right wing, so that’s what’s going on here.”

These aren’t exactly new allegations. Many similar comments were made around the time of Ken Mehlman, another former closeted Republican’s, coming out last August.

Later in the interview, Matthews asked the men how gay Republicans “put up with their party being so homophobic?” Brock responded, “Self loathing.”

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