David Brooks: Netanyahu Is ‘Nixonian,’ Mostly in the Negative Way

New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks had surprisingly harsh words for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, calling him “Nixonian” in a mostly negative light.

Appearing on PBS NewsHour, Brooks told host Judy Woodruff that the newly-reelected prime minister is a “fascinating figure” for a number of reasons.

“He really is Nixonian,” Brooks said. “He’s brilliant. He’s very isolated and insular.”

“You don’t mean that as a compliment, or do you?” Woodruff asked.

“Mixed, I guess, but mostly negative,” Brooks replied. “Insular. Very hard to keep staff because he — very small circle, and yet survived now.”

Brooks, whose son serves in the Israeli Defense Forces, then suggested Netanyahu’s election day statements about his opposition bussing in Israeli Arabs to vote against him was “voter supression” and “pandering” to the right.

Watch the clip below, via PBS:

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[Image via PBS/screengrab]

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