David Brooks Slams ‘Counterproductive’ Mayor Bloomberg In ‘Urban Vs. Rural’ Gun Debate

New York Times columnist David Brooks appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday where he said he believed that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was a “counterproductive” spokesperson for the cause of gun control. He said that, in a debate that is perceived as “urban versus rural,” Bloomberg does advocates of gun control legislation a disservice.

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Brooks said that, while he greatly admires Mayor Bloomberg, he is unsure that a big city mayor is the most effective spokesperson for the cause of gun control.

One of the problems with this debate; it’s become a values war. It’s perceived as urban versus rural. And, frankly, it’s perceived as an attack on the lifestyle of rural people by urban people. And, I admire Mayor Bloomberg enormously – there’s probably no politician I agree with more – but it’s counterproductive to have him as the spokesperson for the gun law movement. There has to be more respect and more people, frankly, from rural and red America who are participants in this.

Watch the clip below via NBC:

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