David Frum On The Colbert Report: What’s Good For Sarah Palin Is Bad For America

When David Frum last appeared on The Colbert Report, right before the election that ended with Oprah crying instead of John Boehner, he predicted that the Republican party would have to move more to the center to survive. Last night, during his live election night show, Stephen Colbert asked him how he could possibly have been so wrong. Frum stood his ground though and when Colbert pointed out that it had been a great night for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, Frum remarked that what’s good for Palin, is “bad for the party and bad for the country.”

Frum explained that this election could be the beginning of the country as a whole moving to the center and the Republican party working to regain those in the cities and young voters who he pointed out mostly stayed away yesterday. In the end, Colbert asked Frum if he though Palin would be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. Frum said no and that, if he was wrong, he’d have tread marks all over his face. “Come back and I’ll help you wipe them off,” was the host’s response.

Check out the clip from Comedy Central below.

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