David Gregory Slams GOP Silence on Trump: ‘Insert President Hillary Clinton Into This Sentence’


The scandal plagued Trump administration took center stage during the first hour of New Day this morning on CNN. A very solid panel of David Gregory, Chris Cillizza and Jeffrey “this is not normal” Toobin joined show hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota to discuss the implications of the James Comey memo.

In a disclosure, news emerged yesterday that the former FBI director wrote a memo documenting how President Trump asked him to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn.

“Will Americans believe James Comey or Donald Trump,” asked Camerota, who noted that Comey’s FBI deputy, Andrew McCabe, recently told Senators that the Russia investigation had not been impeded.

“We don’t know how widely this was shared” said Cillizza who also noted that “the legal front is not what is going to take the lead here. It will be the political front.”

“Where is Kellyanne Conway? Where is Sean Spicer?” Asked Toobin, wondering why the White House was not pushing back harder against the Comey allegations.

David Gregory decided to go after the obvious elephant in the room on that one.

“When you lie, you lose your credibility. Nobody can be believed,” he said exasperated. “We have to add to this discussion the outrageousness of the silence from Republicans. Again, insert President Hillary Clinton into this sentence and the independent prosecutor would need a vacation at this point they’d be working for so long … Come on guys. Get in the game here. Get in the war and start doing your job”

Watch above.

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