NBC’s David Gregory: Mitt Romney ‘Realizes He Has To Rip The Other Guy’s Face Off’

Appearing on Hardball to discuss Mitt Romney‘s new campaign strategy in the wake of being swept in Tuesday’s elections by Rick Santorum, Meet The Press host David Gregory suggested that the former Massachusetts governor has discovered he needs to take drastic measures. “I think what he’s doing now is cautious, tactical play here,” Gregory surmised. “He realizes that he thought he could stay above the fray for a long time, now he realizes he has to rip the guy’s face off here!”

“Can Romney ever convince the right he’s one of them?” Matthews earlier questioned. “Let’s look at this as an autopsy situation, he’s not dead but something’s going on.”

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“He’s not closing the deal with conservatives,” Gregory explained. “He’s also not closing the deal with some big names in the Republican Party who don’t just knock him as “The Wall Street Journal” did because he can’t be trusted on conservative issues, but because he doesn’t have a broad campaign with big ideas meant to deal with big problems.”

“Why is he held back from anything but the alternative to what he thought would be a badly wounded president?” Matthews asked Gregory.

Gregory suggested Romney will soon ramp up negative campaigning.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

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