David Gregory Won’t Get to Say Goodbye to Viewers On-Air

Yesterday, David Gregory announced that he was stepping down from his position as the moderator of Meet the Press and leaving NBC altogether. But despite the fact that he’s hosted the show for about five and a half years, he won’t get the dignity of an on-air goodbye: a senior editor for the show tweeted that Andrea Mitchell will host this weekend, seemingly limiting his official farewell to Twitter.

A source told New York Daily News that network brass wanted to avoid Gregory leaving the show like a certain Today Show anchor:

“There’s no reason for it, for them to allow him to be disparaged and brutalized in the media is reprehensible. It’s disgusting and uncalled for,” the source said.

“They know how bad they’ve f—ed him over and they’re scared to death that he will cause an Ann Curry situation, so they’re not letting him go on the air. It’s ridiculous.”

To refresh your memory, Curry burst into tears during her last broadcast on Today. The circumstances surrounding her exit were similarly [MURKY? CONTROVERSIAL?].

The new king of Meet The Press is Chuck Todd.

[Image via @DavidGregory]

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